Transformational Coaching

I work with THREE types of clients.

1. Business-
The ideal candidate is a HIGHLY self motivated person who is on the journey of        SOUL-ALIGNED entrepreneurship. I support my clients in whatever stage they may be in by assessing where they are, where you want to be and how we WILL get you there! From business plan & social media to creating offers and being in the ABUNDANCE mindset! The ideal candidate is ready to get to the next level of passion, business and wealth!

2.  Life-
The ideal candidate is READY and OPEN to become aware of their energy and limiting beliefs . Through awareness we then draw out the clients IDEAL life, covering EVERYTHING from-love, money, image and career. I support my clients in ELEVATING and ALIGNING their life from DREAM to REALITY. You can have it all, I show you how.

3. Alchemist Women-
The ideal woman is already aware of the blockages. It’s the woman who’s always wanted more for herself but hasn’t been shown how to heal from past transgressions. Its the woman who has always felt there was more and is NOW ready to DISCOVER that spark smoking within her. Its the woman who is ready to heal her sacral and root feminine energy. TRANSMUTING pain into POWER! She is ready to stand in her Goddess energy !   I support you in co-creating the real YOU!

This is a process of becoming totally ACCOUNTABLE for the energy, beliefs and actions surrounding  your SOUL-ALIGNED business!

Inquire about one of my programs I am currently hosting or get on a call to learn how I may support you ONE on ONE!